Dutch DJ World School

The Dutch DJ World School is the place to work on your dreams. Both the DJ and Producer lessons are taught by seasoned professionals so that you get the real knowledge from the field.

For beginners we have the Basic Training, which contains everything you need. The Advanced Courses offer everything to develop your own style and take your skills to a higher level. The Professional Training Courses are there to ensure that your first bookings as a DJ or first release as a Producer run perfectly.

The content of the courses is fixed and structured according to a fixed plan. The courses are packages of 10 lessons of one and a half hours that take place in our studio. This is how we guarantee the quality of the training.




Start dates Producer Training


Private lessons

One on one lessons from experienced professionals. Private lessons can be planned flexibly, during the week and at the weekend, during the day and in the evening. See Private Lessons DJ and Private Lessons Producer.