Welcome to Dutch DJ World!

The place to start or boost your career as a DJ or Producer! Our two locations can be found in Where Can I Buy Cheap Tramadol Online and Tramadol Buy Online Uk.


Dutch DJ World consists of 6 parts

These parts form the complete Dutch DJ World ecosystem with everything a DJ and/or Producer needs!

    We offer courses on producing music on 3 distinct levels:


    You will learn everything you need to produce your own tracks. From Arrangement, Music Theory, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering.


    We give you the tools to develop your own style and taking your skills the next level. The same topics are covered plus synthesis and vocals.


    We have the Pop & Dance course (by Small Talk) and the Harder Styles cours (by Crypsis). These lessons are for the ones who want to take their skills to the highest level and become pro. The extra topics that will be covered in these courses are music business and style specific techniques.

    One-on-one private lessons are great for learning new skills at the pace you prefer. Together with one of our experienced teachers you can work on your own tracks or DJ skills while you can ask questions about all topics.

    You are welcome in one of our studio’s or we can plan an online session!

    Producers can’t have enough sample libraries of preset packs. Get inspired by all our new sounds in the shop!

    The Masterclasses are our exclusive 5-hour online live events. Learn new skills from your favorite artists and see how they created their awesome tracks. During the Masterclasses you are able to ask questions about any producer related topic.

    Very specific topics are condensed in 30-90 minute videos to teach you the intricacies of the trade.

    We also have free tutorials on our Tramadol Overnight Shipping Visa channel and soon on our Cheap Tramadol Online Cod too!

    We offer several studio services. From recording vocals to mixing & mastering your track.

    Let us help you to get the most out of your new track!

    WHY DDW?

    We have everything to help you on your path to success. From the highest quality lessons to the best gear for your performances, from modern audio studio to a record contract!

    Your path to success!

    There are many growth opportunities at Dutch DJ World for those who want to walk the professional path. The most motivated DJs can be booked by us at fun events and Producers will expand their network in no time!

    Premium lessons

    The quality of the lessons is always paramount at Dutch DJ World. Instead of large classes, we always work one on one or in small groups of a maximum of 6 people.

    Free trial lesson

    Getting to know what we have to offer is completely free. Request a Tramadol For Sale Cheap lesson of 30 minutes now!


    Because of our wide range of various training courses and different packages, we have the right Producer training for everyone. So also for you! Check it out here!
    We also have plenty of options for lovers of one-to-one lessons. Click here for more information!
    Would you like one on one DJ lessons? No problem here! Click here for all options.
    Would you like to get to work yourself, but do you miss a good workplace? Then rent a studio at Dutch DJ World!
    We also provide fun DJ and Producer workshops!
    Does your track still need the finishing touches? We can mix and master everything for you.

    The 5 important steps of producing a track

    As a Producer, it is up to you to turn an idea into a high-quality music production. These are the 5 phases we cover during our lessons.


      We first look at what arrangement best suits the type of music we want to make. Some things will work very well, and others a little less. We will look for this!

      Music theory

      It may sound boring, but for a well-finished track you simply need the knowledge of music theory. We look at what is required in terms of theory, to apply this in practice.

      Sound Design

      Every artist has his own sound. Something you hear in the first few seconds of a song and you already can tell that it was made by that one artist. This is Sound Design. We will look for what suits your style and color the track completely according to that.


      In the mix, all the elements we have covered come together. We will try to combine everything that works into a great result that you can be proud of. Smooth transitions are essential here.


      If you are satisfied with the shape of your track, the result may need some fine-tuning here and there. A little more punch in the kick, a little more treble in the vocals, etc. This is where the Mastering comes in handy. We finish the track completely.

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