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The place to start or boost your career as a DJ or Producer!
Our two studios can be found in   Tramadol Purchase Overnight  and  Prescription Tramadol Online.

Tramadol For Sale Cheap - Order Tramadol Online Cheap

Due to the lockdowns, we are now forced to teach our Courses online. All our courses consist of 10 2-hour livestreamed lessons. During these lessons you can ask questions via the chat. Click on the Course to see the contents of the lessons.
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Our Services

Your progress is our goal!
We have a range of Courses, Masterclasses, Tutorials and Private Lessons.

Tramadol For Sale Cheap - Order Tramadol Online Cheap

Due to the lockdowns, we are now forced to teach our Courses online. All our courses consist of 10 2-hour livestreamed lessons. During these lessons you can ask questions via the chat.

Premium Private Sessons

The quality of the lessons is always paramount at Dutch DJ World. We have two studio’s where we receive our students to help them achive their DJ-ing or Producing goals!

Masterclasses & Tutorials

Join live online events or watch video’s to take your skills and knowledge to the next level.


The 5 important steps of producing a track

As a Producer, it is up to you to turn an idea into a high-quality music production. These are the 5 phases we cover during our lessons.


    We first look at what arrangement best suits the type of music we want to make. Some things will work very well, and others a little less. We will look for this!

    Music theory

    It may sound boring, but for a well-finished track you simply need the knowledge of music theory. We look at what is required in terms of theory, to apply this in practice.

    Sound Design

    Every artist has his own sound. Something you hear in the first few seconds of a song and you already can tell that it was made by that one artist. This is Sound Design. We will look for what suits your style and color the track completely according to that.


    In the mix, all the elements we have covered come together. We will try to combine everything that works into a great result that you can be proud of. Smooth transitions are essential here.


    If you are satisfied with the shape of your track, the result may need some fine-tuning here and there. A little more punch in the kick, a little more treble in the vocals, etc. This is where the Mastering comes in handy. We finish the track completely.