What is Dutch DJ World?

We don’t mess around, we create.

Dutch DJ World is the next level DJ and Producer school located in Apeldoorn and Enschede. We stand for personal, passionate and practical education, in which guidance, development and career opportunities are central. We have a wide network so that after a training at Dutch DJ World you can immediately enter the work field. The Dutch DJ World teachers share knowledge and experience they have gained in the work field.

They can support you to create your own professional sound. This is the new platform and the best place to start your music career or to get your skills on a professional level. Dutch DJ World is not just any company, Dutch DJ World stands for a common goal. Below is a list of characteristics that Dutch DJ World wants to achieve, radiate or hope to convey.

  • DDW is for everyone at every level
  • It also doesn’t matter how old you are
  • We are very flexible with planning a lesson
  • We are affordable
  • The development of the student is central
  • There are career opportunities
  • We have experienced teachers
  • There is mainly an emphasis on practice

” The student is central to us ”

Dutch DJ World is specialized in training and supporting students. Use is made of professional equipment and knowledge from the professional field. The student is central at Dutch DJ World, it’s all about the student and his / her development. Dutch DJ World is convinced that young and / or old, passion or hobby feel completely at home in the studio. Getting to know the world of DJing and / or Producing and reaching a professional level are our goals. At the moment we are a school, studio and shop in one with the intention to penetrate different markets. Therein lies directly our ambition to become a large DJ / Producer school with its own label and booking office. Our vision of the future is as follows; a student registers with Dutch DJ World and can make good music songs, with the result that he or she can become a member of Dutch DJ World Bookings. The student is deployed at major events, clubs and shops and can play his / her own records at that event. The image is actually training to practice with the intention of becoming known. The goal is for Dutch DJ World to be nationally known and hired by companies and individuals at very accessible prices.