Hardstyle Masterclass by Warface

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Hardstyle Masterclass by Warface! A 5 hour production masterclass by one of the greatest legends of Raw Hardstyle in the World: Warface! Learn how elevate your hardcore tracks to the highest level by these awesome producers.


Hardstyle Masterclass by Warface

A 5 hour production masterclass by one of the greatest legends of Raw Hardstyle in the World: Warface! Learn how elevate your Raw Hardstyle tracks to the highest level by this awesome producer.

What? Warface shows how he creates his tracks in his digital audio workstation. Pay attention when he teaches you his tips, tricks and secrets about creating the perfect kicks and melodies.

Where? We filmed this masterclass in Warface’s own studio.

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Divine Power
Built around the vocal from splice
155 bpm
Solo vocal combined with the wide vocal
JJP Vocals
The vocals need to be in the front and on top
CLA-2A for compression, slam it
OTT more sharpness

For Duo’s, get on common ground on what you both like.
Use feedback from the dancefloor

Chords with the basslayer underneath it

Kinetic Metal met JJP Strings and Keys

Action Strikes, create your own patterns, use velocity
JJP Drums on the cinematic drums
Low cut, around 66hz autopan

Keep melodies simple and catchy
If you can sing it along easily, it’s good!
Same goes for screeches! People like to sing those nowadays

Lead Groups
Toplead group, distorted higher sounds
Midlead group, chords
Lowlead group, bassnotes, low mids

Bounced layers save a lot of CPU

‘Thin’, filtered layers give a lot of room to other sounds

Saw chords, bright sounds, 4 layer

Basic Sine for the subbass

Don’t antfuck

Vocal chops with a sidechained reverb & LFO tool

Kicks are made in seperate projects, and imported fully mastered in projects

Kicksrolls keep your arrangement interesting

Panning build ups before the drop

Keep our leads in phase, out of phase sounds can sound muddy
Monomaker knob in brainworx control_v2 around 180hz

Create movements with a high peak low pass filter

Reversed reverb note

Choose your projectnames for kicks wisely (bpm, key, style)





Low End
909 source
For really low kicks, boosting 100hz-500hz can work
Distortion in EKS9
EQ Fabfilter Q3
Trash2 Amp drainer en Buzzsaw
EQ Fabfilter Q3
Filterbank 3 Tubeamp LP Moog6 Routing Filter1+2 BP Moog
Double the EKS9 change the decay a little on one side to make it wide
Duplicate the tail again for a mono layer
Filterbank 3 tube amp op de kick group, LP30 BP Moog
Layer an EDM kick
Slam the transients with a izotope limiter, IRC IV Modern


Serum OCS A Acid, 2 voices
noise enabled, fm noise on osc a, create grittyness
Ozone Exciter on dual diode
Movement by modulating the pitch course
Superfast LFO2 bpm off 50 hz on the amp
Osc B 8 unison

NI Pro-53 Mega Dance
Analog voices 32

Cutting samples



Used Plug-ins

Ozone Exciter
JJP Vocals
Kinetic Metal
Action Strikes
Fabfilter Pro-Q3
VPS Avenger
Synthmaster 2
Sylenth 1
Nexus 2
Lexicon Reverb
Brainworx bx_control V2
EKS9 SynapseVoxengo AnSpec
NI Pro-53
Turnado Sugar Bytes