Hardstyle Producing Masterclass by Vertile

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Hardstyle Producing Masterclass by Vertile

The Masterclass was an online livestreamed event.

With the focus on taking advanced producers to the next level, this masterclass will contains some complex topics. If you have any questions after watching, please let us know!



Meet Vertile! He has taken the Hardstyle scene by storm with his unique raw hardstyle sound. His incredible engineering skills are the reason behind his high quality tracks. Most of his tracks contain his own vocals and lyrics that he wrote himself.

During this Masterclass Vertile will cover 4 parts:

  • Decompose. He will explain how he made his new hit ‘Change This Place’
  • From Scratch. He will create kicks, screeches, melodies and much more.
  • Workflow. Create a new track with the newly created parts.
  • Enlighten. Answer all your questions!