Music Industry & Artist Branding Masterclass by Alex Scholte

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Masterclass Music Industry and Artist Branding
6th of March 2021

A live 5-hour English Masterclass about the the full inner workings of the music industry and artist branding.

Participants receive a link and password to a webpage with the livestream with a chat. You can ask questions during the masterclass!

The Music Industry has changed immensely over the last 15 years. With the coming of streaming services and the rapid decline of music sales, artists have to adapt to this new reality. As a DJ and or Producer you are not just an artist, you are also a business owner, marketeer, networker and much more!

To guide you through the music industry of today and to help you develop your own brand as an artist we teamed up with Alex Scholte, the manager and artist handler for artists like Don Diablo, Julian Jordan and Sander van Doorn.

How can you make music your profession? How do I get noticed by A&R Managers or signed to a label? How do I get more bookings and create an artist brand?
Those are the type of questions that will be answered in this masterclass!

Who am I? Alex Scholte, 41 years owner and founder of G&A artist management, an agency that deals with the management and artist handling of DJs & performers. In this I am responsible for Don Diablo and Julian Jordan, but we also have names such as Sander van Doorn and Pretty Pink in our database that we accompany.

What is the masterclass about? Actually I want to talk about 2 things; on the one hand I would like to tell you what the music industry looks like in practice; what parties are there, what do you have to deal with, where do you have to pay attention when releasing your music, your contracts, etc. But on the other hand, I also want to talk about how you get there before you even have to deal with those parties. How you can stand out among all those thousands of fellow producers and how you can take the next step towards a “stage” in your music. In short, how do you make a career from your productions.

You can read more info about Alex here!